About K Lazy 3

Owners Kenny and Coley Low are native Montanans who have been roving the mountains of Western Montana their whole lives. Originally from Cascade, Montana, Kenny grew up hunting and fishing, ranching, and rodeoing before attending MSU and later purchasing the K Lazy 3 from a family friend.

Kenny had often visited the K Lazy 3 growing up, while his father worked there for original owners, Kenny and Mary Faith Hoeffner. The ranch and its surrounding lands became almost a home-away-from home for Kenny, and the Hoeffners like family – in fact, he was named after Kenny Hoeffner. The original K Lazy 3 started out as just one camp – Meadow Creek Camp – and has grown into what it is today, a thriving and active outfitter camp in the heart of the Bob Marshall Wilderness, where Kenny Low continues his connection to the ranch and its surrounding mountain wilderness.

Kenny knows the land well and takes pride in providing a personal touch and attention to detail in every aspect. Tradition and hard work are important and solid values that are behind everything he does, from booking reservations personally to riding with his outfitters and guests into the best-kept secrets of Montana’s elk hunting lands. Kenny is passionate about staying closely involved with every process at K Lazy 3 and maintains the philosophy that “can’t” isn’t in the vocabulary at K Lazy 3 – there’s nowhere they won’t go, no elk they won’t chase, and no mountain they can’t climb.

Join us for an unforgettable Montana Wilderness Hunt.

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